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NUS-Sciences Po Double Degree Programme Sharing

USP Students

What is unique

about USP?

We asked USP students the age-old question, “What’s unique about the USP community?”

USP Professors

Meet USP Faculty:
USP Students Have Taught Me...

Teaching is a two-way street, and it’s no different at NUS University Scholars Programme. In this video, get to know some of USP faculty members.

USP Students

Is USP worth it?

We asked USP students one of the top search suggestions for NUS USP – “Is USP worth it?”

USP Students

NUS-Sciences Po Double Degree Programme

Joy, Jean-Philippe and Jessie are proud alumni of the NUS-Sciences Po DDP.  Here, we ask them a few questions about their DDP experience and how it has impacted them.

USP Students

What is the most impactful USP module?

USP is first and foremost an academic programme. We asked USP students which modules they think have been the most impactful.

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USP Alumni

Hear from

USP Alumni

They read very different majors at NUS and did very different things while at USP. We ask them a few questions about their USP experience and how it has impacted them.


What USP means to me

"USP is a warm community with frequent open discussions - you can always learn something new."

Philina Lai (Psychology + USP, Class of 2021)



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