USP is a 4-year interdisciplinary academic programme with a residential component. The USP curriculum is rigorous on its own while complementary with one's major.


All NUS students have to complete 70% of their classes within their major, with the remaining 30% devoted to pursuing elective classes that increase breadth. USP students simply replace this 30% with interdisciplinary classes designed and curated by USP faculty members. With small class sizes, students are encouraged to engage intellectually and openly with their professors and peers. Ultimately, we want our students to become adventurous and critical thinkers across different domains.

Our Academic Structure:




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Our Curriculum



Nurture a solid series of skills that will equip students for the interdisciplinary work they will encounter in the subsequent tiers.



Focus on further developing and expanding the skills and ideas encountered in the Foundation modules. Encourage students to generate new and innovative ways to look deeply at complex issues and solve problems.



Builds upon both the broadening of inquiry and the disciplinary knowledge that students have gained within their own majors, by having students reflect on their processes in a single seminar-style module.