Dr Edna Chai
(Life Sciences + USP, Class of 2015)

Postdoctoral Research Officer,

Queensland Institute of Medical Research Berghofer, Australia

I have completed and was awarded my PhD in 2020 and am currently a postdoctoral research officer at Queensland Institute of Medical Research Berghofer (QIMRB), Australia. My research interests lie in exosomes, tumour microenvironment, and immune landscape at the pre-metastatic niche. Outside of the laboratory, I spend most of my time tending to the garden or engaging in dog-training and well-being. USP means family, where the best memories are created through our constant curiosity to learn and engage. I always tell all my mentees: Don't be too fixated on getting results. Instead, engage and immerse in the process of learning as it is the journey that would shape your path as you work towards your aspirations.


Tancy Tan

(Computing + USP, Class of 2003)

Executive Director,
J.P. Morgan, Asset and Wealth Management (AWM) business

I run the Intelligent Automation Centre of Excellence (COE) for AWM globally and drives Operations Transformation as part of Internal Private Bank (IPB) Data and Digital Strategy.


Prior to joining AWM, I have spent over 14 years in Corporate and Investment Banking (CIB) where I have led large scale transformation programs ranging from business growth initiatives to operational efficiencies which created value for the organization and clients. Currently, my role in Intelligent Automation focuses on rolling out Robotics and low-code automation tools to empower End-Users to drive their own changes, a passion that I continuously share with my colleagues and clients of J.P. Morgan in their visits to Singapore Corporate Centre.


John Leo Caines
(Political Science + USP, Class of 2015)

Masters Candidate,
NUS Department of Southeast 
Asian Studies

After graduation, I worked in the public policy space for over 5 years in the domains of infrastructure, public health and most recently COVID-related support schemes. In January, I began my Masters candidature at the NUS Department of Southeast Asian Studies. The best memories I have about USP are the intimate sense of community and engaging conversations with friends from every possible discipline, and the resources which we could access to pursue our interests! 


Amylia Zainal 
(Communications and New Media + USP, Class of 2013)

Marketing Manager,
B2B company in Seoul

My first job was in an Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) in Singapore where I did corporate communications. I left after almost 4 years to pursue my Masters degree in International Studies in Seoul, South Korea. I'm currently working as a marketing manager at a B2B company in Seoul and will soon move to a B2C company. When I think of USP, I strangely do think of the interesting classes I got to take. But I also think of all the experiences I otherwise would probably not have had a chance to enjoy. Like having conversations with professors at breakfast. Fun fact: I was in the first batch of students to live in U-Town!

Ask Us Anything with USP Alumni

Curious about our programme and interested to find out more about what USP offers? Stay tuned to our live session with our alumni, which will be facilitated by our USP student ambassadors. They will be sharing about how USP has impacted them and why you should join USP. Take this opportunity to pose any questions you may have for our panel, and they will be happy to answer your queries!​


The panel will take place on Zoom on Sat, 6 March at 11am - 12nn.