A/P Kang Hway Chuan

USP Director and Master, Cinnamon College (USP)

Merilynn Seng 
(Business + USP,
Class of 2021)

I love stumbling upon random fun facts or showering my dog with affection. My biggest takeaway from USP is the ability to constantly question the world around me, and of course, my home in Cinnamon College (USP).

Dr Betty Tsai
(Chemical Engineering + USP, Class of 2011)

Boosted by a global experience and interdisciplinary exposure at USP, I am currently a Programme Manager at Google’s People Operations. It’s a job I love because I enjoy meeting people—and am a strong believer that everyone has a life lesson to offer. 

While at USP, I met many curious minds and lived with interesting people passionate about changing the world. Even a decade later, I am still in touch with my life-long friends made in this very close-knit family-like community. “USP is like creating and weaving the world’s stories in one place.”

What is most memorable at USP for me: 
> Global Experience 
> Interdisciplinary Exposure 
> Life-long friends


A/P Loy Hui Chieh

USP Professor and
USP Residential Fellow


Pratyay Jaidev
(Computer Science + USP, Class of 2021)

At USP, I've explored new spaces and ideas that I never would have imagined doing so before coming to university. But the best part is being on that journey with a community that is inclusive, vibrant and just a whole lot of fun!

Timothy Lin_1.jpg

Timothy Lin
(Economics + USP, Class of 2015)

I am the Co-Founder of Cylynx, a cybersecurity startup  providing automatic risk monitoring and surveillance of blockchain systems.

As an Econometrician, Data Scientist and Analytics Consultant, I love probability, uncertainty and solving complicated business problems with the help of analytical methods. At Cylynx, I build on my past experience in graph analytics and creating a way for companies to transform connected data into graph intelligence. Recognised in Regulations Asia Awards 2020 as "One to Watch", Cylynx partners financial institutions and regulators to tackle business problems using graph technology. 


There are so many memorable things at USP - at the top of my mind, visiting Turkey and Malaysia with Prof Alatas, starting "The Sessions", dining hall conversations...

USP Talk

Curious about our programme and the opportunities that it can offer? Watch our live sharing with USP Director A/P Kang Hway Chuan, USP professor A/P Loy Hui Chieh, our students and alumni below! They discussed topics including but not limited to our USP curriculum, the opportunities we offer, and the resources available for students.